Planning Permission FAQ – The Basics Covered

Approaching the subject of planning permission for the very first time can be rather daunting to say the least.  Not only is it a process that most are not familiar with, but the outcome will undoubtedly determine whether or not those filing the application will be able to go ahead[…]

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Tips And Tricks For Buying A Rental Property

If you own your own house then it’s all yours. You can literally do anything you want with it and the décor can be exactly to your specifications. This isn’t always the case if you live in rented accommodation. Many landlords state that no major changes should be made to[…]

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Tips To Choose Damp Proofing Materials For Your Property

Damp proofing of any property is must during construction of the same or even after the construction is over. It is because damp proofing helps in protecting the building or property against any damage or other problems that may arise due to dampness or moisture content. Although most of us[…]

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