The Benefits Of Installing A Combi Boiler

Many people remember having to share bath water with their siblings when they were growing up to avoid having to heat up another tank of water to fill the tub. And do you remember the days when you suddenly fancied a bath but had to wait around for the boiler[…]

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The Types Of Shower Doors And How They Work ?

There are several types of shower door that you will have to consider when thinking about your new shower unit. Whatever your project, there is a perfect choice for you. First and foremost you need to consider how much space you have to spare in your room.

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The ‘Delight” of Sash Windows London

When Robert Hooke came out with this idea of installing windows, which could move both vertically or horizontally, little did he expect that this could be a revolution in the world of interiors. Now since over four centuries this concept of articulate and dignified interiors adorn our exteriors not only to[…]

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Tough Times Ahead For Many UK Property Owners

For many years, buying properties was seen as a risk-free investment. The value of real estate was soaring and so those who bought into the market believed they were guaranteed a positive return. However, all this changed when the banking crisis occurred. In the wake of the credit crunch, the[…]

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