I’ve recently had a sports injury – who is liable?

For people involved in sports injury claims an essential question to be answered before any claim can proceed is ‘who is actually liable?’ This issue is a little more complicated with sports injury claims than it is in ordinary personal injury claims which involve a road traffic accident, a fall[…]

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“Holidaying” Redefined By Medical Tourism

Are you one of those who have deep yearning to seek tummy tuck or breast augmentation but lack the necessary funds? Are you tired of seeking the affordable medical treatments?Then medical tourism can be just the solution that you have been waiting the whole time!There are several reasons why people[…]

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Improve Individual Performance In Team Games

Sports that are played as a team can be surprisingly varied and it is not enough simply to expect that weight training will give the sort of endurance often required. Many team sports like rugby and football require a substantial warm up period that can allow players to take part[…]

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What is a Gastric Sleeve?

A gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure, which is carried out to help people to lose weight. It works by reducing the size of the stomach by around about 75%. It is called a sleeve because after the surgery the stomach is reduced to a long cylindrical tube or sleeve[…]

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