Trucker Drivers Have The Upper Hand In Race To Autonomy

With all the progress we have seen in the race toward autonomous trucks, it would seem that the American truck driver’s livelihood is in jeopardy. It is not, at least not in the foreseeable future. The idea of autonomy promises a lot of things from road safety to better fuel[…]

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Care During The Period Of Pregnancy

It is a stage in the life of a woman were utmost care needs to be exercised. The reason for it is that not only the health of a woman is in question but also of the baby which is developing inside the womb. Though a lot of hormonal changes[…]

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Looking For A Career As A Malaysian Engineer?

People who are known as structural engineers are a type of civil engineer that specializes in working with builders to make certain that the materials used in the building of a construction project, meet particular design specifications. Civil engineer jobs vary across a wide spectrum of areas, which can include[…]

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