Buying The Right Junior Golf Sets

Golf is a great sport for youngsters. Here are just 5 easy steps to help you buy the perfect junior golf club sets for your budding young golf enthusiasts.

Step 1 – Golf Equipment Budget

You need to set yourself a budget for golfing equipment. This can be expensive so you will need to be realistic about how devoted your children may be to this sport. If they are just starting out then it pays to choose cheap junior golf club sets. This means you will not have wasted your money if they do not continue the sport after a few tries. If your children are already interested in the sport and keen to improve then you should consider spending a bit more to get quality clubs that will last.

Step 2 – Golf Club Length

It is important to choose the right golf club length for your children’s height. It can be tempting to opt for longer clubs that your child can ‘grow into’. However if the clubs are too long it can affect their swing and make it more difficult to achieve ball speed and accuracy. This problem can also occur if the clubs are too short.

Make sure you get the right clubs for each individual player’s height and review them every year to make sure they are still suitable. You may need to get a couple of replacement junior golf club sets as your child grows over the years.

Step 3 – Golf Club Head Weight

Another important consideration is golf club head weight. This can affect swing and technique so it does need to be right. In most cases when you buy pre-packaged junior golf club sets the length and weight of the club will be already balanced. However if children intend to play in competitive junior events you may wish to seek out bespoke golf club sets that can provide a more accurate weight balance for individual players.

Step 4 – Golf Club Fit

You do need to pay attention to the grip area of the golf clubs as well. In some cases the grips can be too large for small hands and this can be uncomfortable. Make sure your children tries out the golf clubs for grip fit before you invest in any junior golf club sets.

Step 5 – More Advice

You can get more advice on buying junior golf club sets from your local golf shop. If your children are taking junior golf lessons then the tutor will also be available to provide more help for choosing the right golf clubs.