Ways To Add Value To Your Property

There are dozens of changes you can make to your home that will ensure it gains value when you come to sell, but here are just four of the bestways to add value to your property this year: Now plans for student property investments are available so that you can secure your child future.

 Add a Conservatory

Building a conservatory is a great idea, especially when you consider the inclement British weather. But don’t just build any old room and attach it to the back of your house; you need to pick a conservatory that matches the style of your existing building and furnishings. It should feel more like an extension than a separate space.Aim for a feeling of consistency by installing the same flooring downstairs in your home and in the conservatory to make everything flow. By spending between £5,000 and £30,000 on your conservatory, you can expect to add around 7% to the value of your home.

 Build a Loft Conversion

If access to your loft is easy, then adding a loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to add an extra bedroom and bathroom to your home. Most of the work can be completed from outside, but always make sure that the conversion matches the rest of the house to avoid looking like it has just been stuck on. By spending around £15,000 to £20,000 on a loft conversion, you could add double this amount to the value of your home. With so many bespoke loft conversion companies out there that can tailor your loft conversion to suit your needs perfectly, modern conversions can be both luxurious and spacious!

 Fit a New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s where most buyers head first when looking at a house. A poorly equipped or old-fashioned kitchen is an instant turn-off to most people. After all, not only do we cook and eat in our kitchens, but we also often watch television there, entertain and throw parties. You need to create a work surface that both looks good and makes efficient use of space and also ensure that it’s easy to access your sink, fridge and cooker. Install the latest technology so that it won’t be out of date in 10 years. Consider adding luxurious extras such as slow-closing drawers or designer cabinets. By spending as much as you can afford, you can expect to add around 5% to the value of your home.

 Install a Designer Bathroom

Fitting a new bathroom is all about the features. The design itself should be sleek and simple, but feel free to go overboard with little luxuries, such as LED lighting on the taps, heated chrome towel rails, waterfall shower heads or a walk-in shower (you could even consider a wet room!) and stylish additions such as a glass shower screen as opposed to a dated shower curtain. By hiring the services of a professional bathroom designer, you can come up with some great ideas and benefit from their design expertise and knowledge of the latest products. Expect your bathroom to add around 2.5% to your home’s value.