ELO Touchscreens Can Help Businesses Interact With A New Demographic

The growth of the internet has changed not only the expectations of consumers but also their actions. Whereas before the consumer would be dependent on what was immediately available on the high street, limited to what was conveniently on offer, they now have much more choice and control. In fact, their demands can be so precise that the only place they can find what they want is online. This has made it tough for high street retailers as they have been fairly reluctant to interact with this demographic on their terms.

ELO Touchscreens

As an age group, the last couple of generation are used to interactivity when it comes to shopping, rather than being dictated to. Online, for example, a history of their purchases are compiled which can lead to future recommendations. This establishes a relationship between the website and the customer which is difficult for the high street to emulate. ELO touchscreens however act as interactive signs. Installed in malls, they can access data kept on smart phones and cloud computers. This helps to bridge the gap between online shopping habits and high street shopping. These screens are durable, light resistant and powered by IntelliTouch which results in sensitive, accurate interaction from two points simultaneously.

Despite the advances in smart phone technology, few retailers have taken advantage of the data on offer. Appealing to a younger demographic by using the techniques they are familiar with could revolutionise high street retail.