Pregnancy Weekly Calendar And Guide

If the woman has become pregnant, then it becomes important on her part to use the pregnancy weekly calendar. If used properly and correctly, it can make the different stages of pregnancy to be easy and fun filled experience.

What is the pregnancy calendar?

The pregnancy calendar is actually a pregnancy record that is maintained on a weekly basis of the changes that takes place within the pregnant woman’s body, along with pregnancy symptoms. Using this calendar and kick counter wristband, it is possible to derive precious information with regards to the different pregnancy stages and get to know what actually happens in each and every stage. In pregnancy, this awareness can prove to be really useful, since it safeguards the person from unnecessary fear and anxiety, thus allowing to enjoy her pregnancy in peace.

Pregnancy weekly calendar calculation

A particular technique is present which can be used for calculating this calendar. The calendar’s beginning is the date of the last period. It is same date that is used by physicians for predicting the delivery date or the due date that is around forty weeks from the last period. This might be 1 or 2 weeks less or more than actual date and will depend upon one woman to the other. It is the desire of every woman to be anxious about the exact date of the delivery of her baby. The weekly and daily pregnancy calendar, hence, can prove to be more than useful.

Calendar – Not everything

It is necessary to understand that when referring the pregnancy weekly calendar, this tool is not to be held as the exact basis for relying upon every pregnancy related symptoms or changes taking place in the body. Rather, the calendar has been prepared on general statistics basis displaying the average figures. The fact is that not every woman tends to have similar type of pregnancy. Therefore, every pregnancy is considered to be unique and distinctive also.

For instance, there is present list of pregnancy symptoms in the calendar, appearing in a specific pregnancy stage. But this does not actually mean that all those symptoms will be faced by the woman and in the specified intensity in the calendar. Some women might not experience symptoms such as morning sickness! This is quite true in case of delivery date prediction. The calendar predicted date does not have to be 100% accurate. Generally, the delivery date might vary between 38th and 42nd week after the last period.

How to use the pregnancy calendar?

The calendar is to be referred to only as general information source and nothing beyond this. This calendar is not to be assumed as a substitute for the doctor visits to be made during the different stages of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, the calendar is to be checked only after consultation with the doctor is done.

Moreover, the calendar tends to describe the baby’s development stages. This does help the mother to get closer to the small one that is growing in the womb.