Some Points On Canada Visitor Visa

Canada is welcoming more than 35 million non-immigrants (temporary residents) every year. All the individuals, except the Canadian citizens as well as permanent residents, must need permission in order to enter Canada as a visitor.

Persons, who are willing to enter Canada for a temporary purpose, such as temporary foreign workers (persons with work permits), tourists, as well as international students (persons with study permits) have to apply for as well as be granted a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). The immigration canada visitor visa is associated with various rules.

The visa-exempt Countries’ Citizens, who are willing to travel to Canada by air, are therefore expected to have already applied in order to obtain an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) before the departure to Canada of those persons.  There are few exceptions that include the United States’ citizens, who don’t need an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) or a TRV, as well as United States’ Green Card holders, who require an eTA in order to come to Canada (regardless of their nationality). Persons, who require a TRV, do not require an eTA, as well as vice versa unless otherwise they are exempted from the requirement in order to obtain an eTA or a TRV.

The TRV is regarded as a document that is issued by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside the Canada. It implies that the possessor has fulfilled the necessary requirements in order to admit to Canada as a visitor. TRVs may be for both the single entry as well as multiple entry. As per the general rule, the tourists are admitted for a time-frame of six months. International students, as well as Temporary foreign workers, are taken admissions for the varying time-frames of time through the determination on a case-by-case basis. From within Canada, the extensions may be applied for.

It is a worth-noting point that obtaining a valid TRV does not strictly imply that the Canadian Port of Entry’s Officer will admit the visitor into the Canada. All the visitors have to demonstrate that the motive of their Canada visit is of temporary in nature. The Port of Entry’s respective Officers will deny the admission to all those individuals, who, as per their opinion, don’t want to leave Canada at their visitor status expiry.

Important Points:

  • Some applicants may need to give a medical examination. It is concerned with some persons, who are willing to remain in Canada as well as have presently visited some countries and the individuals, who are willing to work in some particular occupations in Canada.
  • Medical issues, as well as Criminality issues, may prevent an individual from entering Canada.
  • The individuals, who want to enter Canada, must be able in order to prove their capability to support themselves in times of their intended temporary stay in Canada.
  • Some of the Countries’ Citizens may require providing the biometric information.

In order to obtain the canada visitor visa from india, the visitor form must be filled, when you are connected to the Internet. It requires the latest version of the appropriate software in order to view and fill up the form. The particular form can’t be signed electronically. You should print two copies of the form, and date, as well as sign them.