Steps To Be Eligible Under Direct Entry Stream

Now choosing 186 visa direct entry stream for Australia is not that hard. The employer nomination scheme is 186 visa direct entry where Australian employer can nominate any skill worker of India. But to follow this there are 2 main steps without which the entry is impossible. After following these 2 main steps the application for the nominate skilled worker and by Australian employer will be in the process. Candidate who belongs from the Nationalist, but not from the Australia can apply for the direct entry stream.

This visa will help you in many ways. To know those ways read the statement given below. But remember, one of them is Direct Entry stream. To get eligible under 186 visa direct entry stream read down the statements carefully,

  • The nominate people requires application from the Australian employer. Without his or her application, it is very difficult for the nominator to get the visa.
  • To get the visa, remember, you age should be 5 years old, or below that. If you have cross this age then it is impossible for you to get the visa.
  • To work in a particular position, you should be skilled in each and everything. And if you are visiting Australia for permanent or to work there, then Hindi or your any mother tongue will be of no use. So, efficient English is very important to work in Australia.
  • And then comes the most important part, and that is, you should fulfilled each and every requirement to get your visa. And if you get failed to fulfill any of them, then it will be very hard to achieve your dream. It can be said hard to achieve or it can also be said that impossible to achieve your dream to visit Australia.

Processing time duration:

You can stay in Australia permanently with the help of 186 visa direct entry stream. The application undergoing this entry can take duration about of 8 months. In 75 per cent of the cases people has faced this delay.

Actually, this delay is nothing. In 90 per cent of the cases they had faced delay of duration of 10 months. So if you are one of them who are facing delay of 8 months then feel lucky. And still if you had not get the application then just wait for a while to get your paper of dreams in your hand.

Criteria for getting eligible:

  • As mentioned before, it is the most important point. You nomination by an Australian employer can help you a lot, actually, will help you 90 per cent in achieving your dreams if you are a skilled worker. But remember the duration. ┬áThere should be 6 months of gap before you apply. But not more than that.
  • Your age have to be less than or up to 45 years only. Not more than that. Having more age then sorry friend, you are late.
  • You have to pass English proficiency test. If you will not get pass in this test then it is next to impossible to work in Australia.

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