The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Feather Pillow

There are so many pillows available to buy with a seemingly endless choice of fillings and degrees of firmness and thickness. The most important thing to look for when investing in new pillows is how well they will enable you to get a good night’s sleep.

Preferred sleeping positions and requirements for a good night’s sleep vary greatly from person to person but most agree that the most important requirement is for the head and neck to be well supported. This is particularly important in order to avoid neck pain and stiffness on waking. In general, good quality pillows go some way to ensuring comfort and in particular, those who prefer to sleep on their stomach are those who will benefit most from sleeping on a feather pillow.

These types of pillows comprise of more expensive fillings which are natural and in no way synthetic. Pillows made from 100% goose down are amongst the softest pillows available while traditional feather pillows are made from a mixture of down and feathers from both ducks and geese. A pillow’s firmness is generally dependent on the density of the feathers within it so it is also possible to purchase firmer feather pillows.

Pillows filled with feathers are popular as they are extremely soft and therefore very comfortable. They also have the ability to adapt to individual head and neck contours. The softness allows the head to sink into the feathers and cushion the sides of the neck. The soft feather filling also makes these types of pillows easy to fold, fluff and mould to the shape of the head and neck area. They come with a good reputation of being opulent and luxurious.

With a feather pillow, you won’t roll off, it won’t lose its firmness and it won’t move once you are in position to sleep. All of these elements will result in a less disrupted sleep pattern. The natural fibres within the pillow mean that air can pass through the pillow and breathe. This helps keep you cool and avoid sweatiness during the night which can occur with synthetic fibres. This will improve all over comfort.

Whilst feather filled pillows do tend to cost more than regular pillows, you are investing in good quality pillows which can be economical in the long run. These types of pillows can last a long time with regular plumping and laundering, much more so than regular cheaper varieties of hollow fibre pillows. These types of pillows have a tendency to separate inside the cover and go lumpy. As a result, they need to be replaced more often than pillows filled with feathers.

The quality and properties of feather and down pillows are impressive. They are incredibly soft and made of natural materials. The versatility of the materials mean they are easy to mould and will easily adapt to the individual contours of the body. They are a sound investment and if looked after well, will last a long time.

Julia Goddard is a passionate writer with a focus on interiors and home furnishings. She has over 10 years’ experience in the trade and regularly writes articles about home improvement. With an interest in furnishing using natural materials, using feather pillows is one way to achieve this.