Unique New Year Traditions Around The World

We all have our own special way of celebrating new year but there are some traditional and unique ways which are found in some special areas only.Here are few of them:-

Twelve Grapes At Midnight (Spain)

In Spain, they eat twelve grapes at midnight, one for good luck for each month of the New Year. It is traditional to eat them as you hear the clock from Puerta del Sol in Madrid chiming. This tradition started in Spain because one year when there was a big grape harvest, the king of Spain decided to give grapes to everybody to eat on New Year’s Eve!

First-Footing (Scotland)

Shortly after midnight in Scotland, people pay a visit to their neighbors – a practice called first-footing – often bearing small gifts. It’s considered especially lucky if your first guest of the New Year is a tall, dark, and handsome man. So when you are house-hunting in Scotland, make sure you have a good-looking neighbor!

Coin In The Cake! (Greece)

In Greece they serve Vassilopitta, a special cake baked with a silver or gold coin inside. It’s considered lucky to get the piece with the hidden coin. If they don’t accidentally swallow it, that is!

The Gong Strikes (Japan)

The Japanese spend December holding “forget the year” parties, letting go of past problems and concerns, and even scrubbing their house clean. At midnight on the eve, temples strike 108 gongs, one for each of the human weaknesses.

Feeling Colourfull Inside! (Mexico)

On New Year’s Eve, Mexicans who want to find love in the New Year wear red underwear, and yellow if they want money! Other traditions include sweeping the dirt out, travel bag outside as a symbol of future trips, hanging sheep dolls from the doorknob for prosperity, among others.