What Are Kraft Bags?

Due to several environmental constraints and regulations, several businesses dealing with the ecommerce and packing industry have shifted to eco-friendly solutions. For example, there are many businesses which have initiated award programs to customers who will recycle the packaging bags instead of throwing them away. Similarly, there are some businesses which use compostable paper cartons or bags since they can be shredded into pieces and added to the soil for increasing the fertility.

One such environment-friendly material that has gained so much of popularity in the packaging industry is the kraft paper. It is used for making small pouches, carry bags, boxes, and cartons. However, this material is still in its budding stage due to which many businesses are hesitant in choosing the material for revolutionizing their packaging. Owing to this reason, we have explained some of the major aspects about the kraft materials and the bags made using this material.

What Is A Kraft Bag And How Is It Made?

Kraft bags are made from the kraft paper, which is considered as a great alternative to both the regular paper and plastic bags. This material is obtained by an extensive process in the factories but its features are excellent and outstanding in comparison to the other materials used for packaging.

The process by which this material is made is termed as the kraft process. When wood is derived from nature, it comprises two main components- cellulose and lignin. Usually, the strength, biodegradability, and other features of paper is defined by cellulose only which is why the wood chips are heated in a mix of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide for removing the lignin. Once the wooden chips are converted into a soft, mushy pulp, the entire mix is strained and the pulp is collected.

This pulp is known as kraft and it can be used for making a lot of products, including bags used for packaging purposes.

Different Types Of The Kraft Material

There are several types of kraft material that you can find in the market, like:

  • Black kraft paper
  • Coloring kraft paper
  • Recyclable kraft paper
  • Printed kraft paper

What Are The Benefits Of Using Kraft Bags?

The kraft bags are quite beneficial for several businesses, especially for the ecommerce industry. To give you a brief, here are some of the reasons why the material has become so popular.

  1. Kraft paper is tougher and stronger than the regular papers which is why you won’t have to rely on other materials.
  2. Also, the kraft paper bags are cost-efficient which is why you won’t have to worry about your budgets going beyond the limit.
  3. Another reason for choosing this material is due to the absence of bleaching processes which actually deteriorates the integral strength.


The use of kraft paper bags is increasing with each day which is why it’s time to learn more about this material and incorporate it into the regular businesses. It will not only help you save a lot of bucks but also ensure that your business values the environmental concerns and taking effective measures to stay compliant with the standards.