5 Laser Hair Removal Myths, Debunked

As with everything, there are myths and accusations thrown around, which are usually incorrect, and need to be put right with the truth. Many people don’t know much about the laser treatment, so are sceptical, especially when they hear some of the rumours. However, laser hair removal London is great for those who either have an excess amount of hair growth or simply for those who want to use an alternative to razors and waxing that lasts for a long period.  We are going to take a look at laser hair removal myths that have been going around and put them to sleep, so you can make an informed decision as to whether laser hair removal is for you or not.

Myth #1: It Is Very Expensive

One of the biggest myths about laser hair removal is that it is very expensive. Although the initial cost can be a big sum, the money you will actually save in the long run is definitely worth the initial investment, especially as you will be having 12-18 months of treatment primarily, followed by top-ups once or twice a year. This will save you spending money on wax strips every 4-6 weeks and will give you longer lasting results.

Myth #2: Laser Treatment Only Works On Light Skin

Laser hair removal can work safely on any type of skin, whether it is light or dark. The myth has probably originated from the fact that some hair removal devices cannot be used on those with darker skin, as it can result in pigmentation. Therefore, if you have a darker skin tone, check with a specialist as to which laser would you be best for you and your skin colour.

Myth #3: It Is Really Painful

Many think that laser hair removal is a really painful process; however, this is just a myth. When laser hair treatment first started, the machines and devices that were used did cause a bit of pain, but today, you may feel a little discomfort at the beginning of your course of treatment, which will especially be the case if you have thick hair, so shave before you start your sessions. However, the pain is not horrific, like the myth suggests, and you will find that as your hair gets finer, the little discomfort should disappear.

Myth #4: The Course Is Only Six Sessions Long

Laser hair removal needs more than six sessions, typically up to 10, in order to remove around 80% of hair growth. The number of sessions that each person will need, will hugely depend on many factors, including the type of laser, how long the break in between each session, your skin tone, any medical issues, and even hormones. Therefore, it varies from each client as to how many sessions it takes.

Myth #5: It Can Result In Infertility

One of the biggest myths that worry a lot of women is that laser hair removal that treats the bikini line can cause fertility problems. You will be pleased to know that this is not the case, as the laser only penetrates down to the hair follicle, so it is unable to reach any deeper into the skin. Therefore, your internal organs will be absolutely fine, and the only thing that will be removed is your unwanted hair.

Now you have seen that all these myths are in fact untrue, hopefully, you will feel a lot happier and safer having laser hair removal treatment than you were before. The panic is now over, and you can enjoy a hair-free body, knowing that it isn’t going to damage you!