Does Touching Your Belly During Pregnancy Cause A Degree Of Inconvenience?

The human body undergoes a lot of changes during the course of pregnancy. You may feel bit nausea or you may put on some extra weight. These are the changes that might be on the expected lines. But what you might never have thought is the concept of people touching pregnant belly and it might seem to them that it is a public property.

Be it your family, friends or even a stranger might think of rubbing your abdomen once the pregnancy progresses. Ideally you would not mind your mother, close relative or even your husband rubbing pregnant bellies depending on how you are feeling at that particular point of time. If someone asks you in a polite manner you would even allow them to touch your belly. But sometimes absolute strangers may come up to you and not only it is touching, but rubbing of bellies and it may seem that the concept of privacy and personal space is a foregone conclusion.

When it comes to your belly being rubbed, does it mean that the baby will emerge from your womb like a genie? Unwanted touching of belly went on to create such a nuisance that Pennsylvania passed a law. Women went on file a legal case against a man who touched her belly and then went on to touch it again, after being asked to stop so. The charges were not something to herbeing pregnant. Most states tend to have laws if you are found harassing someone, and this tends to include unwanted touching as well.

For example, no one would ever think of walking up to a woman and touching her breast. But sadly touching the belly of a woman is widespread.  Many kids tend to do it, so to the elders and they may feel the desire to put your hand around you till the baby begins to move. The notion which they may remark is that they want to see the hidden life inside you. The problem arises at this point of time when the woman wants to complain about unwanted touching; she can be hormonal or oversensitive. Do not fall into that trap as it is your body. You have all the liberty to back away and tell the other person a strict no.

Some women might have some luck in touching back. If someone puts their hand on your pregnant belly, then put your hand on the person’s abdomen and ask them how they like it. The simple fact is that if you do not want to be touched then no one will dare touch you. You do not have to hell or be rude to anyone at the same time. But you can convey to the people that it bothers you. This is for anyone who lays their hand on you be it your near or dear ones as well.

If someone asks you in a polite manner on whether they can touch you, then it is up to you whether you want to allow.