Convenient Way To Screen C# Programmers To Find The Right Talent

C# is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# is based on C++ and has been designed to enhance productivity in the development of web applications. C# runs on Microsoft’s .NET platform. C# also enables programmers to avoid repeating codes and build on existing ones which makes it highly useful for companies.

Thus, companies often require skilled C# programmers with adequate training and knowledge. The task of recruiting suitable C# programmers can be simplified by going for Online C# Test platforms.

Why the test?

Business companies are often faced with a wealth of applications from many C# programmers with each claiming sufficient training and skills for the job. The arduous and time-consuming task of testing andinterviewing eachcandidate can be avoided by filtering the candidates through an online test process which eliminates those candidates found wanting in any department of C#. Thus, the test ensures that only the right candidates with the correct technical knowledge of C# are called for interview and other selection process.

Features of the online test

The various online platforms offering tests for C# programmers design the questions with the aim of testing both the programming skills of the programmer as well as the level of technical knowledge possessed by him or her.  The content of the test usually includes the following.

  • Questions regarding the general concepts of C#
  • Conceptual questions regarding various topics such as Arrays, OOPS concepts, LINQ and many more.
  • Coding capabilities and skills are tested through various coding questions related to dynamic programming, sorting, etc.

The number of questions and test duration may vary with different platforms. Many platforms provide benchmark scores to the client company to help in recruitments.

The reliability of the tests is high because tests are usually designed by professional .NET developers who are well conversant with all the aspects of C# programming language.  The test is normally available in English but other languages are also available on request by the client company.

Multiple candidates can be put through the test at a time. The candidates are asked exactly similar questions in order to enable the company to make a fair assessment. However, the order of questions is arbitrary and randomized for each and every candidate.

The tests are generally designed for mid-level developers which can also be taken by junior programmers. Candidates who claim to be senior developers need to get high acceptance scores in such tests to validate their claims made to the hiring company.

How does the process works?

Firstly, the company needs to look for an appropriate Online C# Test platform and generate the test. Secondly, the candidates are sent the link to the test. Finally, the candidates take the test. The results of the candidates are sent by email to client’s company account. Many platforms also offer customized test reports for their clients such as the level of competency, important skills assessed in the clients and many more.

The number of companies relying on the online test platforms for hiring employees is showing an upward trend.