Hold A Removalist Sale To Save Money On Your Removal

While some people complain about broken dishes or furnishings when they have moved, it is still best to have your furniture and possessions packed and transported by a removalist firm. If you choose a reputable company, you can insure your possessions against breakage and loss. You will also make the whole removal process easier on yourself.

When it comes to furniture removals in Melbourne, you want to align yourself with a company that is well-versed in every aspect of the removal process. They should not only be familiarised with local logistics, but they should also offer packing services, unloading and loading, and packing supplies. You want to use a firm that will make your move both easier and more organised. While you can do everything yourself, you really won’t save in the long run.

Use a Removalist Firm to Lessen the Stress of a Move

Moving to a new location has been found to be one of the most stressful undertakings in life. To reduce any stress or anxiety, you want to make sure that you have support. By using a removalist company, you can be assured that your removal will be handled professionally without the possibility of any undue upset.

Hold a Removal Sale

To save money on your removal and to make it easier on yourself, why not think about holding a removal sale? That way, you do not have to pay extra to remove certain items, whether you are moving a distance of two blocks or over the span of the Australian continent. Make some money from items you won’t need at your new locale by holding a removal sale.

To conduct the sale, complete an inventory of the items slated for removal as well as the items you want to sell. Make sure the items are neat-looking and clean. After all, you want to make as much money as possible for the items you sell. Create a list of the items you will be featuring at your removal sale.

When planning for the sale date, make sure that it does not conflict with planned events in the community. Also, avoid holding the sale on a holiday. Advertise the days for the removal sale in the classifieds of a local newspaper, online on Facebook, and in the area newspaper. You should also give a substitution rain date as well just in case of rain. Try to list some popular items to attract a larger number of customers. For example, listing certain electronics or jewellery draws more customer interest.

Ask permission to post removal sale signs at local groceries, churches, and area businesses. Also, notify your neighbours. Send out e-mails. Make sure you have an inventory sheet, tags and labels, markers, and cash box to support your sale efforts. List the sale items on the inventory sheet so you can keep track of all the items that are sold.

Price and label the items using tags or stickers. Group similar items for sale together, such as appliances, toys, electronics, clothing, and jewellery.  Also, separate the least expensive items from the more costly ones. Organise your sale so you can reap the benefits of saving on your removal using a removal firm.

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