Meals On Wheels: Railway Restaurants Serving Lip-Smacking Food Options

In India, as many as than 65 percent of travellers prefer travelling by train- irrespective of the distance. Be it a couple of hours or couple of days, people always travel by train, unless they are not in extreme hurry.

However when it comes to buy food in the train, people turn sceptical. Hygiene and quality of food come in the way, making people satiate their taste buds with nibbles and munchies throughout their journey. But with the e-catering services clubbed with Indian railways’ catering services, those are now things of days past. Now, if you have a need for good while in the train, you can always get those by using just your phone.

Railway restaurants have turned into talk of the town for its convenience, quality of food, hygiene and fresh food serving.

What do they do?

The officials of Indian railways catering services has come up with the idea of serving food to its passengers that is fresh, and have made without compromise on quality and quantity. Plus, the price has been kept to a minimum, for ensuring that people from all financial background can avail the benefits of fresh foods. For this, they have amalgamated with functioning catering and refreshment stalls to club under the umbrella of Indian railways catering services. The authority has taken many measures to ensure that only fresh and good quality food would be served to the passengers, of which installing CCTV cameras inside the registered stall is one.

How do they take orders?

With railway restaurants at the passengers’ service, travellers from across the country can avail fresh food, made with all possible hygiene measures.  All that the passengers need to do to get delicious food on their way is to sign up with the railway website.

The food delivery website asks for a few details while placing an order- what type of food, desired station, the menu on offer, the coach/ seat/ berth number, and 10- digit PNR number.

Passengers are open to choose their food and station, and the online catering services would deliver the exact meal right on time, as and when the train board the destination station.

If one of the plus points of this extraordinary service is to deliver passengers freshly- cooked, warm, and home- like meal preparations, another is that passengers can enjoy regional and local food of the area they are travelling into. If you belong from Andhra Pradesh and are travelling to Gujarat, chances are you would taste the regional thali of the area you are passing by. However, one can always stick to their comfort meal if they do not want to experiment on their way.

E- Catering service providers also provide online customer support to the passengers. Plus, they come with the convenience of online payments, and various offers to be availed by the travellers. Facilities like live order tracking, ordering food for self/ others who are travelling, contact details of the delivery person are also provided by the caterers.