Our Guide For Purchasing The Right Sized Rug For Your Horse

It could be a difficult job for first-timers to purchase a horse rug through an online medium. If you visit a website to make a purchase, you will find detailed pointers to help to understand the perfect rug sizes to fit your horse. 

The Equestrian Clearance guide will help know how the rugs are made by taking the measurements of your horse.

A Couple Of Steps To Get The Perfect Fitting Rug For Your Horse

Choice1: Take Measurement Of Your Horse

To get the perfect blanket size, this is your top choice. Start taking the measurement from the centre of the chest through shoulder till the hip portion, excluding the tail area that cans more units. It is advisable to take the measurement twice. This calculation becomes a base for your rug sizes.

To take fittings of your horse, use a measuring tape that has royal units of measurements in short inches and feet. Once you get the size from the measurements taken, you will have a good clue about where the blanket will get over. For instance, a 6 feet blanket will measure 6 feet, so considering the 3-inchbreak, the horse rugs follow, and a fair clue where a 5 feet 9 inch or even 6 feet 3-inches.

Choice 2: Take The Fitting From The Rug In Use

To match the measurements, take the fitting of the blanket that is in use, and also take measurements of the animal that will make you understand the correct measurements. The Equestrian Clearance sale considers every single point and sell a rug accordingly.

Take a fitting of cotton or mesh horse blanket and not a waterproof one because your measurements will go for a toss since waterproof ones are a little longer to go around the chest area.

To take the fitting of a stable rug, you need to start from the blanket between chest straps through a rug and the rear end of the blanket. Don’t have blind faith in the size tag as the rugs shrink or get stretched after use.

The Subsequent Point – Test The Fitting Of Your Horse Wrap

Keep it on the horse; it should stay properly. The upper chest buckle should be kept tight. If it doesn’t take tighter than required indicates the animal needs a bigger blanket.

Leg straps should be loose to avoid roughness – rollers must be adjusted to make the hand’s width between straps and stomach.

Bigger blankets are more prone to roughness and rubbing if bigger at the neck. It comes down, putting pressure on the chest. The rug will hang over the rear end causing inconvenience for the horse.

The joint where the tail flap joins the rugs should be on top of the tail. See Rug measurement book and pictures of the rug fitment by visiting Equestrian Clearance.