Share money with our Money in Minutes facility

There are various services for money transfers but Money Express card is the best known, most secure and reliable service.

The new Money Express prepaid card is a international money share product, which helps to migrant workers across a wide range of industries who are not able to open a bank account and those who need to share money with friends and family.It is a payroll payment card also.In this feature Users of the card can have wages or salary paid directly on to the card and if card holders want money transfer,he can do it in Minutes. Card holders can transfer cash from a primary blue card to a secondary yellow card by using his moblie phone.The Money Express can be used wherever you want.You can make purchases anywhere.This Money Express card is accepted at retail locations and ATMs throughout the world.It uses the latest technology to ensure maximum security and reduce fraud.The new Money Express prepaid card is a simple ways to manage your money.You can set up your own PIN Code once you have received your card and there is No need to carry large amounts of cash and no risk of lost or stolen.

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