The Benefits Of Wearing Contact Lenses

Being short-sighted or long-sighted is such a common occurrence in people today that we hardly ever think about the consequences or the treatment involved. There are different options available for correcting a minor visual impairment such as the tried and tested glasses, the more modern contact lenses and the recently developed laser surgery. Opinions can be divided about laser eye surgery whilst wearing glasses and contact lenses are non-intrusive ways of correcting one’s vision, which are still the preferred method for many. Many people swear by one or the other, although they may not have tried the alternative yet. Are there any benefits of contact lenses over glasses and if yes, what are they?

Contact lenses allow for freedom of movement

One of the main reasons why people with vision problems wear contact lenses is because they do not restrict their freedom of movement. With contact lenses it is not a problem to engage in strenuous and fast-paced sports, dance or play and many types of contact lenses.The lenses will always stay exactly where they need to be without the wearer needing to be cautious. Many sports today require wearing protective equipment for one’s head or eyes, such as skiing, scuba diving and horse riding. Having to wear glasses can make it impossible to use the best protective equipment.

Contact lenses are ideal for outdoor pursuits

Being out in all weathers can be a frustrating experience for those wearing glasses. Once it rains or is foggy, moisture starts to accumulate on the lenses of glasses and seriously restrict one’s vision. This is, of course, a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous, for example when cycling, sailing or riding. Having good vision whatever the weather conditions will improve one’s confidence during a difficult or strenuous task. Additionally, wearing contact lenses means that you can choose to wear protective sunglasses if and when they are needed.

Contact lenses give real freedom to play

Whether playing team sports or cuddling your children, contact lenses don’t impede your enjoyment nor do they require extra care of others. Glasses can easily be knocked off and may get damaged in the process. This is embarrassing for everybody concerned and can be an expensive accident. With contact lenses, neither the wearer nor people around them have to be careful. It is possible to engage in activities as if one had no vision problem at all. Especially for people who love engaging with children or animals, wearing contact lenses can be a real improvement in how they interact with others.

Contact lenses are impossible to forget

Anybody who has ever worn glasses knows how frustrating it is to have left one’s glasses somewhere, if only one could remember where! Equipment to correct one’s vision is so important that those of us who need it wouldn’t leave the house without it, yet glasses are also often in the way. It is sometimes necessary to take them off and leave them on the side to be easily forgotten. With contact lenses the constant problem of ‘where did I put my glasses?’ is solved once and for all.

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