Things To Know About SSSTS Training Cambridge

SSSTS known as Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme. Therefore, SSSTS training Cambridge bears a special significance in the Cambridge City especially in view of the fact that Cambridge is popularly known as the University City of England. Students around the world throng here for the higher studies. The 2011 Census says that students constituted roughly 20% population of the Cambridge City.

All those put together indicates that there is an ever growing need for the vocational and professional courses in Cambridge so that the students from around the world can get the best education befitting their career aspirations and growth in life.  

Why SSSTS training Cambridge?    

The City of Cambridge has been experiencing a spurt in economic as well as development activities since the 19th century. The same tradition continues even today. It is a city located to the north-east of London and precisely at a distance of 80 km. As a matter of fact, Cambridge works as a major transit point and at the same time, it offers huge job opportunities especially in the education sector. Therefore, there has been a growing need for residential as well as commercial properties in and around Cambridge.

Thus, SSSTS training Cambridge has become an integral part of the professional education programme in UK and also a source of livelihood to a section of the society. The strong economy of Cambridge boosts the increasing demand for the qualified workforce there.

Key areas of SSTS training Cambridge:

  • Short duration course: Time is money. So true. This has been reflected in essence with the SSSTS training at the time of designing the course material. The regular duration of such a course is just two days after which you will be ready to take a plunge into the qualified workforce of UK meant for the construction sites. Isn’t it something that you would love to explore?  
  • Guaranteed pass: Having said this, we do not mean that each and every student will by default pass the course. Instead, guaranteed pass here means a kind of assurance to all the deserving and serious pupil pursuing the course and a good grade therein. After all, the SSSTS training is a vocational course where a practical approach to the job takes the centre stage and classroom studies cement the ideas.
  • Fast certification: Certification is real fast here cialis best price. The purpose of this course is to create the first line of managers for the places such as the construction sites and others. Having passed the examination here, you would be ready for the supervisory work meant for safeguarding the lives and properties at the construction sites.
  • Nationwide acceptance: The SSSTS training course has been endorsed by the UKCG (United Kingdom Contractors Group) and thus, it has become a mandatory qualification to all those aspiring to be supervisors at the workplace such as the construction sites in UK.

The basic objective of the SSSTS training is to ensure safety at the workplace. Based on the institute’s practices, you can expect a light lunch while pursuing the said course for two days in UK.

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