3 Way To Use Sparklers At Your Wedding

There’s no doubt that wedding sparklers have become increasingly popular recently, and there are all sorts of creative ways that they’re being used. You can find great inspiration all over social media and photo sharing sites, but there are three classic ways to use sparklers at your wedding that are by far the most popular. No matter how large or small your wedding will be, these are always great choices to make your day more fun and spectacular for the guests.


Every good wedding reception needs centerpieces for the tables, and usually they are just vases with some flowers in them. Whether you’re looking to do something more creative or you are just looking for something more affordable than half a dozen roses for each table, you can easily create a wedding sparkler centerpiece for a fraction of the cost. Just grab some vases or other type of container that you want to use, create a “bouquet” of short wedding sparklers”, and place them in the center of each table. They look fantastic, will be a great conversation starter, and also give your guests something fun to do during the reception.

Sparkling Tunnel

Typically used for either the couples’ grand entrance or grand exit, a sparkling tunnel is where all of the guests line up along the pathway and hold lit sparklers in the air as the couple passes by. For safety purposes, it’s usually best to use 36 inch wedding sparklers for your sparkling tunnel so that the sparks are high enough in the air to cool before they float down above the bride and groom’s heads. Typically a sparkling tunnel is done outdoors, but you can do it inside as well as long as you buy smokeless sparklers. Smokeless sparklers are easy to find because they will burn gold in color and have a metal wire core instead of the normal wooden stick.

Writing in Photos

The coolest photos that you can add to your wedding scrapbook will be of you and your guests writing in the air in your photos using sparklers. It may sound complicated at first, but all you have to do is light up some sparklers and literally draw the shape of whatever you’re looking to write in the air. The camera will have to be set a certain way so that there is a long enough exposure time to get the whole shape in the picture, but if you hired a professional wedding photographer they should be able to handle it without any issues.

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