Tips For Buying Boy’s Pyjamas

When it comes to buying a set of boy’s pyjamas you’ll find that you are spoilt for choice. You can go for traditional two-piece with a button down jacket if you want to, but these days few people do so. Most boys prefer pyjamas with soft jogger type trousers and a t-shirt style top. However, there are other choices available to you. Here we take a look at the choice and give you some tips about buying boy’s pyjamas.

Buy something your lad will like

There is no point in buying pyjamas your child does not like. No matter how much you cajole them they simply will not want to wear them. Getting the kids into bed is a battle at the best of times, so the last thing you need is the arguments to start at the point where you tell them to get their pyjamas on.

Fortunately, these days there is plenty of choice. Whether your lad likes Spiderman or F1, you can find themed pyjamas that match their interests. Taking this approach will mean that your child will look forward to getting their pyjamas on.

Make sure they are comfortable

A Yogi Bear onesie may be fun and look great, so getting your son into it will probably not be a problem, but keeping him in it may prove to be a bigger challenge. If your son gets too hot, or finds that the hood becomes wrapped around his head when he is sleeping then he will not sleep well. Therefore, comfort is as important a consideration as looks.

Practical considerations

You also need to make sure that the pyjamas are easy to get down or off should your son wake up in the middle of the night and need the toilet. The last thing you need is to be woken up every night by your six year old because he needs the toilet and cannot get out of his onesie.

It is not uncommon for young boys to wet the bed, which means that some boys have to wear night pants. If your son, grandson or nephew needs night pants it is important to bear this in mind when buying their pyjamas. They will need a bit of extra room to accommodate them so this may mean buying the next size up.

The material is important

When buying pyjamas you should also look at the kind of material they are made from. During sleep, most of us get hot and sweat at least a little. Therefore, to stay comfortable your child needs to wear pyjamas that are made from fabric that will absorb this sweat. Look for nightwear that is a mix between man-made and natural fibres like cotton.

Buy slippers and a dressing gown

If you are going to buy your boy new pyjamas, consider buying him a pair of slippers and a dressing gown at the same time. That way you can get him changed for bed early and let him sit downstairs with you for a bit without the risk of him getting cold.

Take him shopping with you

By far the best way to make sure that your child wants to get into his pyjamas is to let him choose his own. Take him with you when you go shopping for his pyjamas and you will end up with a happy child.