Tips To Share The Printer In Windows 7

These days technology has advanced to such a great extent that now you can share your hardware and screen in n numerous ways. Talking of which, sometimes, your friend might need a printer to be shared for different printing needs. If you are using Windows 7, it is quite possible to let your family members and friends share the solo printer and make the printers of all the necessary logos, documents and banners as and when needed. The best part about sharing your printer is you can let any of your family person print the document irrespective of the place. Sadly many people don’t know the right way of doing it and that is why, here are some quick tips that might help.

Enable the File and Sharing option

To enable the file and sharing option, you have turn the printer sharing on and then go ahead with file sharing option. For this, click on the start option and select the ‘Network and sharing center’. You can find this in the search field. Once you are in here, you should select ‘Run as Administrator’. In this section, you need to further go under the change advanced sharing settings which you will find on the left side. Under this section, it will help you expand the home profile by selecting the chevron icon and turn on the file and printer sharing option. Once you do that, you need to save the changes and exit the windows.

Start With Sharing Option:

This is another crucial thing that you need to do. Once the file and printer sharing option is enabled, you can start sharing the printer easily. You need to click on the start button and select the printers and devices option. Make sure you discover the printer that is installed on windows 7. You can further share the printer that you want by selecting the properties section in which you will find the tab by the name of ‘sharing’. Under this section, you need to enter the name of the printer that you need to share and then click apply and then ok. To share printer in windows 7 this is certainly the easiest way that don’t even take much time at all.

Focus on Printer installation:

When you decide to share a printer with the network in Windows, it is important that you add a printer in the windows 7 and select the add printer option under devices and printer section. Once the installation is successfully initiated, you will have to perform the previous step again.

Remember there are many reasons for which you need to work on sharing the printer option. But it is always better to understand the right process before jumping on the conclusion.

Now that you are pretty much clear on how to set up a shared network printer in Windows, it should not be difficult for you to start sharing. However, if you have any doubts running in your mind then it is better to speak with the expert on the same.