Why Everybody Loves Touch Screens

In times gone by, touch screens were seen as being futuristic interfaces that were used exclusively by super-technical environments like air-traffic control and nuclear power-plants. However, times have most certainly changed and now, organisations across a wide range of industries have successfully harnessed the power of touch for a plethora of industrial, commercial and educational applications.


here are several reasons why everybody now loves touch screen devices:

An Instinctive Solution

Reaching out to touch is an instinctive action for human beings. Indeed, even as babies, humans reach out to find out more when they are curious about something. This is what makes touch screen applications such instinctive solutions. Whilst some people will shy away from computer keyboards, mice, or trackballs; practically everyone will embrace using a touch screen pc. Indeed, users naturally feel at ease with touch screen devices as their instinct lets them feel as though they cannot do anything wrong. In fact, it could be argued that touch screen devices enable every user to feel like an expert when they use them, regardless of how computer literate they are.

The Need For Speed

With no text-bound interface to get in the way, touch screen devices provide fast access to any and all types of digital media. Indeed, it takes far longer for users to grab a mouse or use a keyboard or trackball and coordinate it with what needs to be activated on the display than it does to simply reach out and touch a screen.