5 Best Hollywood Films That Are Really Amazing

The best Hollywood film based on a true story is hard to decide since there are lots of them. These are the different categories based on diverse genre. It sometimes depends on the choice of an individual and you can decide according to your pick. There are numerous people who are critiquing or supporters and you can take a decision stand in their thinking. It will give you a better idea about the movie and will become easier for you to take a verdict. Here is a detail of five Hollywood movies that will give you an initiative and a little bit of guidance to judge and decide which one you would like to watch and which one you won’t prefer.

  1. The pianist

It came in the year 2002 and is adapted from the autobiography written on Wladyslaw Szpilman. He used to play piano and observe closely the changes took place in his city while world war second. How he got separated from his own family and the situation altered drastically and how he overcome them. The beauty is in the way autobiography was written and you will see how well it is depicted in the movie.

  1. Catch me if you can

It is a story that is based on the Frank Abangnale, whose life was full of exploration in different ways. It is a true story portrayed in a humorous manner and quite a comical one as well. He was a con who was doing it to bring his parents together one more time. It is also based on one more character that is chasing the previous one. The way it is made and shown is simply superb and if you decide to watch this one, then it is going to be a great decision you will not repent.

  1. A beautiful mind

You may watch another true story which is a version of a biography and is made beautifully in a movie form. It will make you remember Nash equilibrium who was a mathematician. A great mind of Nash, who saw the heights of success, but due to a mystify reason he went to another path that changed his life before attaining the well deserving international fame in life. A must watch for many grounds.

  1. The Aviator

The Aviator is a true story that depicts how well-known personalities have plenty of fears in mind that are not acknowledged. A person who is famous and liked by all is having another side of life as well is shown brilliantly. You will see the phobias and darkness that seems to be too real when seen in a movie since made in an excellent way.

  1. The world’s Fastest Indian

A biker who made a record in 1967 that is still not broken by anyone. Burth Munro is the individual from New Zealand who set it all in a perfect manner and set the world record that is waiting to be even chased.   It is revealed in a wonderful manner in the movie.

The best Hollywood film based on a true story can be the one based on your decision. Therefore watch them and decide one.

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