Are Serviced Offices The Right Option For You?

If you are a company who is looking for new office space there are plenty of different kinds to choose from. It can be tempting for a company to opt for the cheapest option, and for some firms this approach is OK. It is something they can get away with. A sole trader who only needs somewhere quiet to work with an internet connection can manage fine in a shared office or an un-serviced office. They are the only person using the office, so where it is and how it looks is not particularly important.

First Impressions Count

However, for a firm that has a team of people or one that need to hold meetings for customers, things are different. A company that needs to make a good impression has to have a proper office in a business location and for most firms, in this situation; a traditional serviced office is the best option.

It means that when a potential customer looks them up on Google maps Street view, they will find a proper office block rather than a residential building. When a customer comes in for a meeting, they will be greeted by a receptionist and see that the building is properly secure. This will help to inspire confidence in that customer. On a subconscious level, dealing with a firm that works out of secure premises has the effect of making the customer feeling more confident. They know the information held about them by the company they are dealing with is secure and safe from prying eyes. Being greeted by a receptionist helps them to feel welcome and makes them feel that they can always speak to someone or at least leave a message when they need to.

A Fully Serviced Office Frees up Time

Firms who use serviced offices benefit in other ways. Serviced offices are designed to provide a company with an environment that includes everything they need. It means that they do not have to waste time and resources finding these services for themselves. There is no time spent comparing and negotiating the best telephone and internet service deals. When the photocopier goes wrong someone else sorts it out and gets it fixed.

Because the company that owns the offices provides security, reception and cleaning staff there is a smaller team for business owners to worry about and take care of. It means that a company can stop worrying about these things and concentrate on their core business.

Serviced Offices save Money

Most firms find that when they move into serviced offices they save money rather than end up spending more. The reason for this is that the owners of the office block can negotiate a much better deal for everything than a small, individual firm can. This keeps costs to a minimum. In addition, the fact that a firm does not have to employ their own cleaners, maintenance and security staff saves them money.

If you are looking for office space, do not automatically assume that a serviced office is an expense you cannot afford. Take the time to list the true cost of working out of an un-serviced office and you will usually find that the serviced office is actually the right option for you.