Galaxy S5 Is Not Going To Disappoint You At All!

The large range of features in this all new Galaxy phone helped it in winning the hearts of buyers. But you know it can easily get overwhelming in case you are not sure how to get the most of this device. You can make it an ideal device for all your needs once you get to know about many of its customisable features and hidden ways to make it swifter and more efficient

Allow fingerprint safety

Fingerprint scanners are now relatively ordinary, but this Galaxy S5 was one of the initial phones to possess it as a feature. It is wonderful for ensuring your device remains secure. Moreover, it also makes unlocking your phone an absolute ease.

It is turned off by default, but one can permit the feature in settings menu. The phone will require scanning your finger around ten to twenty times to form up a correct picture of your print. You can also register manifold fingerprints on same device.

The fingerprint scanner can even be utilized to not allow others to access private content on your mobile. The phone’s Private Mode feature lets you hide all your pictures, videos, documents, or voice files from the device. 

Download booster

This Samsung device features a download booster. It is a brilliant way to download files bigger than thirty MB. It unites Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity to cater additional bandwidth and download speed. Obviously, anybody with a tinier data budget should be cautious of exceeding their restrictions, as it might possibly eat up your allocation quite swiftly.

Remote safety

Since phones are extremely personal devices, it is always good to setting up safety features to make sure that you can lock, locate or wipe the device in case it gets stolen or lost. Of course you can use third-party solution to perform it. However Samsung possesses its own tools for mobile device management. It includes the spectacular Knox security suite for all the enterprise users. The general functions are snap to set up, and it’s worth taking time to do it. Hopefully you might not need it ever. But it is amazing if you ever do.

Water Resistance!

The IP67 Certification on this Galaxy device simply means that it is water resistant and dustproof. It means there is no need to panic in case your phone gets wet or you end up in dropping your phone in water by mistake. All the ports at bottom of device are covered however you must always ensure the back cover is firmly in place. But remember water resistance is not like waterproof so; try not to leave your phone in water intentionally!

The bottom line is, in case you have been thinking about buying a phone, Galaxy S5 is not going to disappoint you at all. These were some interesting and not much known features of this device. However, the phone has all the luxurious features which a decent, luxurious and advanced phone has. So, when are you grabbing Galaxy S5 ?